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pre-sale service:
Professional sales staff for you to explain in detail the function and  use of the product, and according to the different circumstances of  customers to provide you with such as plant, layout, personnel training  and other technical services.Entrepreneurship Budget and Suggestions.

Sale service:
Professional and training center to provide you with comprehensive  technical advice and training, fully understand the performance  characteristics of the product, on-site training practice exercises, so  that you not only bought the equipment,Also mastered the technology.

After-sales service:
Specially equipped with a number of professional excellent,  experienced technical master tracking service to answer all the needs of  customers a variety of difficult problems, but also regularly visit  customers,

Help the customer train the technical staff.
1, to provide users with assembly plans, manual and other technical information. But also to provide users with vulnerable spare parts, spare parts.

2, for users to provide free installation, commissioning, technical training services.

3, the equipment free warranty for one year (equipment wearing parts  and user improper operation caused by damage), after the expiration of  the warranty, all spare parts according to the cost of supply.

Second, the quality of sale:
After the machine is shipped to the buyer, the buyer is ready to test  the machine material, and our master then arrives at the buyer's factory  for commissioning and training, until the buyer completely mastered the  machine

Operation equipment, after the machine what is the problem, we will  immediately give a solution, our aim is to serve the first, quality  first, hope to cooperate with our customers, and common development!

My company equipment free warranty for one year, life-long technical support is not a year later regardless.
My company equipment, such as the failure of the principle is that if  the problem can be solved on the phone as much as possible on the phone  to communicate, such as large failures themselves can not solve the door  we will be maintenance regardless of distance.

(If  it is a technical problem can not operate the machine we come to the  door of the service by the customer pay if it is a machine problem is  free maintenance and replacement parts)


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