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NEW Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine ZXFD-290

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NEW Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine ZXFD-290

Model: ZXFD-290

This machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags from paper roll in blank or printed. Side gluing, tube forming, cutting, bottom creasing, bottom gluing, bottom forming and final product out feed can be completed within one time by this machine. It is ideal equipment for making paper bag for foodstuff bag, shopping bag and so on. Controlled by PLC system, equipped with in-touch screen and servo motor for bag length control, this machine can produce different size paper bag.

NEW Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine Model: ZXFD-290

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Vivi ZXFD-290 square bottom paper bag machine 


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Characteristics and features

Full automatic high speed sharp bottom paper bag making machine is suitable for varied primary and printed rolling paper, such as Kraft paper,slick paper,coated paper,medico paper and so on. It finishes all procession all in a time consisting: perforating, middle gluing,printed pattern calibration, tube forming, calibration snapping, bottom folding, bottom forming, and collect final product quantitatively. This machine operate easier, working more efficient, and performance more steadily. It is a fantastic machine for full paper bag, paper bag with window, leisure snack bag, bakery bag, fast food bag, dry fruit bag eco-bag and so on.


1.1t is suitable for paper between 60-150gsm.
2.The PLC system can calculate parameters correctly.

3.Cut by the point cutter.

4.The electronic control system from Japan is adopted to ensure stable and high-speed operation

5.Material loading adopts hydraulic automatic lifting structure, with automatic tension control.

6.material loading adopts ARISE EPC system, reduce material alignment time.



ZXFD-290 Product Parameters  

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->

Width of Paper roll

320-900mm(12.60"-36.61" )

Tube Length

260-533 mm (10.14"-20.99")

Width of Bag

120-290 mm (4.72"-11.42" )

Width of Bag Bottom

60-160mm(2.36"-6.30" )

Paper weight


Max. Diameter of Paper Roll

1300 mm (51")

Internal Diameter of Roll Core

76mm (2.99")



Total Power


Weight of Machine

Approx 8500 kgs

Machine Dimension

L 8600 mm ×W 2500 mm ×H1800mm


Paper Bag Technology Flow Chart

*1The computer interface of the machine can be set point mark function, which is advantage us for packing quantity and convenient for collecting and arranging.

*2.Bottom forming part of bag bottom.

*3.Bottom glue structure, groove type glue up device.

*4.The machine cut off way adopts the servo motor to control the paper bag size, adopting high-speed uniform rotation cutter, cutting through the tooth knife or flat knife two cutting methods, the paper bag cutting level, making the paper bag cutting Flat, beautiful.

*5.The whole type tube is used to adjust the structure, and the two-way adjustment or one-way adjustment is simple and convenient, and the fast and precise high stability of the adjusting is stable.

*6.Using the German (sick) color photoelectric tracking, precise tracking of paper printing photo, automatic alignment, if change the paper roll, power does not need to adjust the cutting position. Automatic stop if color error ,reduce Scrap rate.

*7.The automatic spray glue, the glue spray will not be interrupt when high speed or low speed, convenient

adjustment capacity, glue spray stable.

*8 The use of ultrasonic simulation alignment the side, the reaction speed of the operation of a quick

correction ,save time and save the waste of raw materials.

*9.Adopt hydraulic cylinder auto loader, paper manual switch easily finish the paper roll without manual handling.

10.Hydraulic auto loading part




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