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We are High-speed Computer Auto Register Gravure Printing Machine suppliers/manufacturers from china factory . We also can produce the

High-speed Computer Auto Register Gravure Printing Machine

according to the client’s requirement. We are always try our best to become the good High-speed Computer Auto Register Gravure Printing Machine, high speed printing machine, gravure printing machine, Auto register printing machine, Printing machine, 6 color printing machine manufacturers/suppliers and welcome the customer from all over the world to contact with us.
High-speed Computer Auto Register Gravure Printing Machine

High-speed Computer Auto Register Gravure Printing Machine

Model: SWASY600/1200

1.Unwinder/Rewinder Turret Type.Auto Cutting/Splicing.
2.Seven Vector Motor+YASKAWA Inverters Tension Control System, Siemens PLC Program.
3.Vertical Auto Register System With Web Video Inspection.
4.Shaft Less Printing Cylinder Loading Device. Printing Cylinder Is Fixed By Shaft-less Air Chuck.
5.Doctor Blade With Dual Gas Cylinder Pressing, Horizontal Movement Drive By Motor.
6. Pneumatic Ink Auto Circulating System
7.Sealed Hot Wind Circulation Oven, Automatic Constant Temperature, Diesel Oil Air-stove Or Electrical Heating For The Mrying methods.

SWASY series high-speed computer gravure printing machine is suitable for multi-colour coce-through continuous printing for such roll film materials with excellent printing performance as BOPP,PET,PVC,PE,aluminium foil and paper,etc.

  SWASY600/1200 USE  

1.Every control module of the automatic colour register system is equipped with microprocessor and can correct the deviation of colour register quickly and accurately.

2.The main machine adopts frequency control of motor speed.

3.Eeleasing tension adopts full-automatic tension controller and magnetic powder brake.

4.Rolling adopts full-automtic constant tension and tracion coordinated with torque DC motor, double-station automatic turnover, replacing the matrrial without stopping the machine.

5.Two-layer airproof structure for drying oven provides uniform wind flow, while specific cooling fin of stainless steel for heating tube provides energy-saving opportunity, uniform temperature as well as anti fire possibility.

6.Pneumatic system is adopted for press roller and traction roller.

7.Automatic ink circulation system is provided.

8.Air shaft is used for unwinding and rewinding shaft providing convenient assemble and unassemble possibilities.

9.It is provided with display of press line speed and accumulated length in meter.

10.Quality cast-iron structure for the whole set provides good stability and vibration absorbing capability.

  SWASY600/1200 Main Technical Variables  

Model: SWASY-800
Effective Printing Width: 800mm
Max.Width of base Material: 850mm
Max.Printing Speed: 150m/min
Max.Mechanical Speed: φ600mm
Inside Diameter of Roll Core of Base Materrial: φ76mm
Diameter of Printing Plate Roller: φ120~φ300mm
Modified Accuracy of Computer Registration: ±0.2mm(wholeMachine)
Control Range of Tension: 0~25kg/FullWidth
Heating Power of Oven: 50kw
Total Power of Machine: 65kw
Weight of Machine: 1000kg
Outline Diameter(LxWxH): 12400x2500x2350mm


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